Believe in every child


Achieve great things together


Respect individuality


Nurture interests


Kind Hearts


Inspire imaginations


on a journey of Discovery


Special memories

Our teaching philosophy

Barnkids believe that children have an innate desire to learn and they learn best through play, when they are having fun and have developed trusted relationships with those around them. Our job is to create the optimum conditions for learning and fun by ensuring our children have high levels of wellbeing, engagement and motivation in an enabling environment that allows a large proportion of child initiated play with a measured degree of risk. 
Like most other settings in the UK we adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and understand the importance of the seven areas of learning split into: 
Prime: Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development and 
Sub-prime: Understanding the World; Arts and Creativity; Literacy; Maths. 
For children under the age of 3 we focus on ensuring our children are secure in their learning and development in the Prime Areas. 
We strive to have a highly skilled workforce whose expertise enables them to recognise every child as a unique individual and provide accordingly for them. What engages one child, might not necessarily engage another.

Recording your child's learning

When your child joins Barnkids we create an online learning journal for them using iConnect / ParentZone software; an encrypted, secure server holding a 256 SSL certificate. Our practitioners use iConnect / ParentZone to capture your child's learning and development through photo's, videos, observations and next steps. These are then linked to the EYFS, through Development Matters so we can easily see where your child is developing according to their age bracket. 


Barnkids is a children's nursery and forest school set in seventy acres of rural surroundings within the Surrey Hills and is located close to Chiddingfold, near the towns of Haslemere and Godalming.
Penang Farm
Combe Lane,
Surrey, GU8 4XL 
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