Forest School
Our on-site woodland camps are around a fifteen-minute walk away from our buildings. At each camp, there is simple log seating around a fire circle as well as other inspiring features such as digging pits, the rolling hill and minibeast observatories. 

Each session offers a planned activity the children can choose to participate in, or they can engage in an activity of their choice. Each site is fully risk assessed including all activities provided.
Forest School is a unique educational experience that uses the outdoors as a learning environment.
It is primarily a child led experience, where each individual is given the freedom to explore the natural environment in the way that they choose.


The open-ended environment inspires and engages children to use their imagination in creating their own play where almost anything can be possible within the boundaries of Forest School.
We learn how to safely use basic tools, take controlled risks, and behave responsibly in the countryside.
We use our natural environment to challenge and push boundaries.  Using the outside to improve physical dexterity, balance and coordination.
We learn about the animals and insects in the habitats around us.  We learn how to take care of the environment around us. 
We eat and drink out at the forest camp.  We even toast marshmallows and have cups of hot chocolates on cold days! 
Building long lasting memories, friendships that we will take with us to primary school and beyond.  


Barnkids is a children's nursery and forest school set in seventy acres of rural surroundings within the Surrey Hills and is located close to Chiddingfold, near the towns of Haslemere and Godalming.
Penang Farm
Combe Lane,
Surrey, GU8 4XL 
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